Shipping and return policies for First Dates

Shipping Info
Kids these days. With their fiber internets and Snappy-chats and Googlies. We're not even sure what Twitter is, but based on our longstanding & insurmountable fear of grackle colonies, we're afraid to find out.

Here at First Dates, we believe in good old-fashioned elbow grease and parcel delivery. We pack & ship our own stuff within a day of your order, and we send that noise out First-Class Mail® through the United States Postal Service. From there, real people do things like "drive around" and "sort a lot" and "legitimately work very hard" to get it to your doorstep.

If you order a CD and you're in the USA, you probably won't have to wait for more than a few days. If you're outside the USA, our carefully calculated estimates indicate that it's gonna take a second. But when that postal worker arrives at your home with album in tow, you look them in the eye and you say, "That would have been a lot faster by quadcopter, but thanks I guess."
Return Policy
Ah, yes, the "jewel case." That plastic bastion of nostalgia, that mid-'90s rack-mounted box of wonder. If you didn't open that bad boy at the hinges and gently weep onto the liner notes of your first Hanson CD, you didn't have feelings.

Our CDs ship in poly-wrapped standard jewel cases, which are then packed into a rock-solid cardboard mailer that ought to stand up to most things, mishandled brûlée torches and untimely sinkholes withstanding. If your CD arrives broken, you should let us know—we'll send you a new one. But we've all cracked a jewel case or seven in our lifetimes and, well, First Dates can't be responsible for the things that happen in the privacy of your homestead during a tequila-fueled pool rager. (Though we may barter albums in exchange for party invitations.)

tl;dr – If it arrives broken, we'll replace it. If you break it yourself, we won't, but we'll happily pour out a couple Surly Furious beers in memoriam.